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Contractors Pollution and The Non-Enviro Contractor

Sounding a bit far-reaching, but every business has a pollution exposure. Sometimes it's jurisdictional... sometimes it's just plain insurance problems. Consider that waste is a pollutant under the ISO Commercial General Liability policy - what happens if you have a dumpster fire?

A non-enviro contractor may periodically find they are contractually required to carry Pollution Liability insurance. These policies protect the insureds from covered pollution conditions occurring during the policy period and arising out of ongoing and completed operations. Various enhancements can be included.

It is important to think through the operations to identify the areas that can possibly result in clean-up, natural resource damages, bodily injury, or property damage from pollution conditions. Does the contractor have a products exposure? Keeping in mind that jurisdiction matters - - What is considered pollution in one state can be different in another.

Putting together the appropriate coverage is critical and complex. Contractors Pollution liability insurance forms are largely different and an inexperienced broker can easily provide a policy having no coverage for the policyholder or a large omission.

There is no substitute for experience, knowledge, and expertise when working in many areas of insurance. Particularly with when working in contract driven industries and the pollution and environmental fields.

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