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Communication = Prevention

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

With data security and cyber crimes presenting a real threat to all operations - businesses need to implement a variety of protective measures and mitigation strategies. Firewalls, password requirements, encryption, approved vendor lists, call backs & double checks, these are all components of a cyber security policy. While important - these ignore the human interaction sensor...

A disengaged employee acting carelessly may fall for business email compromise scam because they're not paying attention. An disgruntled employee could steal money or destroy information. Not performing appropriate background checks can leave a business vulnerable to nefarious acts of the unchecked employee - be it physical, financial, or data related. Most people will exhibit warning signs, and management's and HR's communication with employees and fostering an environment of employee interaction can lead to early intervention helping to prevent or mitigate the risks.

Employers should focus on engaging employees and implementing effective hiring practices. Periodic team building events and reviews will help bring warning signs to light. The more an employer can place light on a potential problem, the sooner it can be addressed.

communication in the workplace

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