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IAQ - Indoor Air Quality

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

IAQ issues are possible in any indoor environment and can be from internal or external sources. The following are some IAQ causes: poorly or inadequately designed or maintained HVAC system, neighboring facility, new furnishings, or contractor activities.

Existing health issues may be exacerbated and new health conditions can bloom. Depending on the contaminants symptoms may be nuisance-like (burning eyes, runny nose) or severe (nausea, vomiting, fainting) and requiring emergency medical attention. Irrespective, a building air quality inspection should be performed.

Many times the symptoms can be remedied by removing people from the environment however, other instances (presence of sufficient and appropriate exposure to legionella bacteria OR exposure to harmful chemicals) can result in a more protracted ailment, hospital stay, or death.

Indoor Air Quality related complaints may not always evolve into a health concern but every building presents an opportunity for IAQ related claims. Whether a single person or group, adults or children, all entities directly or peripherally tied to the event (bldg owner, bldg operator, employers, contractors, vendors, etc...) should be wondering exactly how their insurance policy would respond.

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