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More Than Insurance

Our office spends time [each week] examining the insurance industry; discussing past, present, and future. We're not always happy with the observations and comments - - in fact, we can be quite critical of our own industry. This 'round table' time is used to identify exactly what our industry and its people offer to the consumer vs. what is advertised, what should be offered or done for the clients, and what our firm offers.

Below are two comments during a recent session:

" Whatever one does its important to drill down and determine what really matters "

" In our world the essence of insurance is “security" …..its not just crafting a good policy but also heighten our customers / clients sensitivity to risky issues (contractors who don’t read contracts they sign) …….and how to deal more effectively managing the risks. "

The insurance industry is faced with an incredible knowledge gap where too few 'sellers' and too few 'buyers' have any depth of knowledge beyond the financial role of the transaction. What we're seeing are advertisements aimed at the bizarre claims and ignoring whether the common claims are covered. A recent article quoted an insurance company about using humor to connect with clients... too many buyers and sellers are turning the industry into a joke, and it's not funny.

The end. Have a great Sunday.

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