A lifelong dedication to putting the clients' interests ahead of all others and being at the forefront of developing solutions is the bedrock for our firm. 

We will always stop to ask the questions and make sure the work is done correctly. In a world seemingly destined to get ahead of itself, our office is trained to analyze and identify, not simply process a transaction. 

James Capell

Jim is a recognized expert witness in New Jersey and has been a guest speaker at American Management Association and Insurance Industry seminars. Jim has lectured here and abroad, on a wide range of insurance topics from Pollution Liability to Self-Insurance and Captive Insurance concepts. Jim regularly attends professional seminars on cutting edge developments in a variety of industries and is frequently sought to address trade associations on an array of insuring issues and concepts. Jim is a Certified Risk Manager (CRM) and Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) whose expertise is sought and relied upon by some of today's leading businesses. Recent activity for Jim includes working with a leading distributor to implement contract review protocol, and assist with development of target customer profile by providing risk analysis of existing and potential customer contracts. The result was a more focused sales force, reduced risk transfer to the client, and a more quantifiable exposure for clarified management decisions. 

Michael Capell

Michael Capell holds four highly coveted professional insurance designations and he was one of the first ten individuals in Pennsylvania with the CRIS (Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist) designation. Michael continues to achieve - working with a network of esteemed professionals he remains on the frontline of the industry working to develop solutions and create policyholder advantages. Michael is a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC), Certified Risk Manager (CRM), Construction Risk & Insurance Specialist (CRIS), and Management Liability Insurance Specialist (MLIS). Michael has been approached to speak on various issues of Risk Management. Recent activity for Michael includes structuring and arranging global insuring programs for several world leading manufacturers and distributors.