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We are professionally trained and highly experienced in issues of complex risks. By working closely to understand objectives we are prepared and ahead to keep our clients moving and growing. 

Our organization is devoted to the client and unrelenting with developing solutions. We have been helping owners, executives, general counsels, and risk managers to make informed risk purchasing decisions in complex environments since 1978.

We work to improve resilience, maximize recovery, and reduce overall cost of risk.  

Not Your Everday Broker

Insurance purchasing as a transaction is old fashioned and reactive, replaced with a risk based approach.


By utilizing a risk-centric approach an insuring arrangement can be structured to meet the specific needs of a business and is aligned with expectations of coverage, risk appetite, and financial capability of an organization.


The approach is designed to assist with management decisions, reduce cost of risk, and protect assets while increasing profitability. The risk approach is about smarter insurance buying.

Step outside what you have known as a broker. 


Lehigh Valley Firm Assists Companies in Honing Approach to Insurance and Risk Management 

... "sophisticated buyers are now adopting a different view - a risk management approach - that holds the potential to dramatically reduce an organization's total cost of risk by focusing on better information and smarter approaches to risk management"



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We engage pre-qualified insurers to create an arrangement that can largely meet the coverage specifications and pricing demands of our office and clients. Our approach includes market, technical, and structural expertise. 

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